Mega (Touch Operation) or Flush Tank Fitting 3008
Magic Hose 1 1/4'
Mega Aqua Float
Magic Hose 1 1/2'
Mega Aqua Internal for Flush Tank Fitting 3008
Bottle Trap double 1 1/2'
Mega Float with Plastic Side Entry 3027
Bottle Trap single 1 1/4'
Mega Dual Function Flush Tank 3022
WC Connector Side
Mega Kelebek Akdeniz Toilet Seat Cover 3501
WC Connector Straight
Mega Push Type Monoblock Internal Kit 3004
Mega Okyanus Toilet Seat Cover 3062
Waste 1 1/2'
Mega Push Type with Side Entry for Flash Tank Fitt 3025
Verona Shattaf

From one of dominant producers of bathroom products in Turkey. Mega Banyo specialize in w.c mechanism and sea cover. It had a strong reputation for quality and reliability in sanitary product products are categorized into Toilet Tank Accessory(including fill and flush valves and push buttons) Toilet Seat Covers (including our unique Bidet Seat Cover, and PP material Seat Covers). Drainage Systems (including concealed cistern and push panel), and Wall-hung Tanks